Al Larvick Conservation Fund holds touring and single live events to celebrate and educate themes around home movies and amateur cinema recordings. Events include workshops and screenings with guest speakers from ALCF, partnering historical societies, libraries, regional businesses, genealogists and most importantly grantees and other individual home movie enthusiasts.

Events are intended to highlight the significance of what is captured in home movies as well as how these recordings can be used as a tool for keeping cultural history alive and meaningful today. The fund's dates often develop into a dialogue between speakers and attendees as well as become a resource for individuals and organizations with home movie collections. 

Live screenings with speakers can give home and hobbyist movies historical and familial context and also provoke a positive cross-cultural and intergenerational story sharing experience. The events can bring awareness around the importance of memory sharing and saving micro-histories recorded in home movies by community members.

Beginning in 2017, these events will also include oral history recordings of grantees and volunteer audience members.

Past events:


Home Movies hit the road

Al Larvick Conservation Fund and its partners explore the recording of travel experience from decades past. August, 21st through August 23rd 2017 in Bismarck, Valley City and Fargo, North Dakota. Read more here...


alcf north dakota home movie tour

Exploring Home Movies of North Dakota

For its second consecutive year, the Al Larvick Conservation Fund (ALCF), along with its community partners are bringing events back to three North Dakota cities, Bismarck, Valley City and West Fargo. Read more here...


alcf north dakota home movie tour

Exploring Home Movies: The Window into Personal Legacy & Cultural Heritage 

The Al Larvick Conservation Fund and its partners are bringing three screening events to three cities in North Dakota this September. The events will consist of a screening of select home movies, which were locally recorded, accompanied by discussion with a local historian and archivist, and a home movie preservation expert. The screening and discussion will encourage audience participation. An “Exploring Your Home Movies” workshop will follow. The workshop offers instruction for home care and the professional transfer process from analog to contemporary mediums, as well as explore how home movies bring valuable insights into one’s own heritage, their broader importance and ways to share these materials with family and community. Read more here...