The Al Larvick Conservation Fund would like to thank our gracious partners for their invaluable support.


The MediaPreserve was founded in 2006 as an audiovisual laboratory designed for the digital age. It was built specifically to meet the needs of clients with complex audiovisual collections: whether due to machine obsolescence or degrading tape quality, these collections have slowly become unusable. Our broad collection of analog playback equipment allows us to work successfully with all forms of analog audio, video and film. We provide careful, cost-effective and efficient transfers, and are committed to creating customized programs based on the needs and infrastructure of each client.

To accommodate the full range of possible media, we have developed two types of studios: multiple ingest studios for cassette-based media and specialized studios for fragile or difficult legacy formats. The multiple ingest rooms were designed to accommodate large collections of common analog formats. In addition to providing accurate and efficient transfer through multiple ingest, The MediaPreserve offers studios for the careful transfer of difficult or unusual formats. These studios are devoted to items requiring special handling, including artistic content and/or content found on difficult or fragile media.

The studios at The MediaPreserve are designed so that we can quickly and easily transfer playback decks and capture cards, allowing for project customization. Studios are noise environment treated with NC15 for air conditioning or heating noise and STC 60-65 for wall, ceiling and door absorption isolation between studio rooms. Each room is equipped with an individual climate control system allowing temperatures to be raised or lowered as required by each project.