Individual Donor list coming soon.

Thank You

The Fund would like to extend many thanks to those who inspired the founding of this nonprofit from its earliest stages of conception. They include the following friends and family: Rockne and Avis Larvick, Jeff Larvick, Suzanne Zimmerman, H.J. Olson, Virginia and Dexter Washburn, many Valley City High All 50’s Reunion alumni, Ray Uloth, Dino Franza and Rhonda Vigeant.


If you are considering giving to the Al Larvick Conservation Fund, there are a number of options to consider.

Contributions can be anonymous, credited to you, or in memorandum or honorarium of someone else. Support credits will be listed on this page. A thank you note is sent to the contributor. If you are donating in someone’s name, you can request that a paper notification be sent to them or their families. 

Legacy Awards

For larger donations, please contact us about creating a ‘Legacy Award’ grant in memorandum or honorarium of someone. Special awards can be named after a loved one and can focus on a particular geographical region, sub-genre or theme of home or amateur audiovisual materials. Email with the subject line ‘Special Award’. We would be thrilled to discuss your ideas on how to honor someone or a place in this significant way.