application dates:

Al Larvick Fund grants are open for submission year around.

For each grant category, award deliberations are made annually. The national grant deadline is April 1st and the North Dakota grant deadline is November 1st. Any application submitted after these respective deadlines will be considered for the following year. Award recipients are contacted individually and then announced via NewsletterFacebook and other advertising.

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After carefully reviewing the Guidelines and FAQs page, ALCF suggests preparing your submission in advance of filling out the online application form (The actual form link is below, under the "Application Form" heading). 

To view or print the application, click here.

To fill out and submit the application, see below section, Application Form.

Applications will NOT be accepted before or after the designated open and close dates. Please do not send any additional materials outside of what is requested or submit an incomplete application. 

Please email any additional questions to We welcome emails at any time and encourage applicants to review and prepare for the application process in advance.


To fill out the online application, click here.

Thank you for your interest in ALCF grants.