The Al Larvick Conservation Fund would like to thank our gracious partners for their invaluable support.


Pro8mm is applauded for being a one-stop shop where Super 8 and 16mm cameras, film, processing, digital mastering and treasured legacy footage services come together for production and archiving. Pro8mm is viewed as the leading experts in Super 8 film with over 35 years of service to families, education, and industry worldwide.  Their products and services have been used in hundreds of professional projects for the entertainment industry, including  major motion pictures, music videos, television shows, commercials, documentaries, as well as archival projects for the Presidential Libraries, and museums.  All services are performed in house, which allows our dedicated team to provide the fastest turn around times possible with the best quality control for your filmmaking  or archiving needs. 

The Pro8mm Mission is to provide a platform where small format film origination can be maintained and excelled. We push Super 8 film production to its maximum potential, preserve history and family legacies through classes, podcasts and other resource material and educate film enthusiasts and the next generation of filmmakers about The Power of Super 8 Film. We have invented products such as Super 8 negative film, Max 8 (a 16 x 9 super 8 format) and Crystal Sync Sound that allows super 8 to be a viable production medium. We use the exact same workflows used by the major post houses so that we can provide the highest quality of services and resources for filmmakers who want to work with the unique esthetic that super 8 film provides. Their technology provided studios opportunities to create Super 8 film sequences for thousands of projects, including major motion pictures such as Super 8, Argo and JFK;  television shows such as American Idol, The Academy Awards, episodes for The History and Discovery Channels; commercials for  major brand including Whole Foods, Billabong, Ford Automobiles and the NBA.

This technology enticed movie moguls, museums and the masses to have had their personal legacy libraries handled by Pro8mm’s  studio system. Over 25 million feet of home movies in 8mm, super 8 and 16mm film of the world's most famous faces, places and events have been given the red carpet treatment and  transferred to the highest possible quality.