The Al Larvick Conservation Fund is a is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  


The mission of the Al Larvick Conservation Fund is to preserve historical and cultural heritage through conservation, education and the public accessibility of American home and amateur analog audiovisual materials.


Preserve and restore audiovisual source materials through evaluation, repair and cleaning, and utilize technological advances to provide high quality digital transfers.

Educate and further awareness around the historical and cultural importance of home and amateur audiovisual elements and how to prolong the life of the original materials.

Contribute to a growing community of publicly available home and amateur audio/visual materials through open, online access, the creation of associated metadata and use of creative commons licensing. 


In light of Al's lifelong love of sports and teaching, ALCF will also give special consideration to home and amateur movies which depict school and school sports activities. The fund also gives special consideration to works recorded in Southeastern North Dakota where the Larvick's spent much of their lives.