Exploring Home Movies: The Window into Personal Legacy & Cultural Heritage 

The Al Larvick Conservation Fund and its partners are bringing three screening events to three cities in North Dakota this September. The events will consist of a screening of select home movies, which were locally recorded, accompanied by discussion with a local historian and archivist, and a home movie preservation expert. The screening and discussion will encourage audience participation. An “Exploring Your Home Movies” workshop will follow. The workshop offers instruction for home care and the professional transfer process from analog to contemporary mediums, as well as explore how home movies bring valuable insights into one’s own heritage, their broader importance and ways to share these materials with family and community.

As part of its programming, the Al Larvick Fund will promote national Home Movie Day, initiated by Center for Home Movies, a day for community members to host their own event around the national annual celebration. The Fund will also outline its grant program as well as other online and local resources.  Participants will be given reference materials to take with them to begin to explore their home movies further.

The events are in partnership with the State Historical Society of North Dakota, Pro8mm, Home Movie Legacy, Barnes County Historical Society, Bonanzaville Cass County Historical Society. The screenings are dedicated in memory of Al Larvick’s eldest son, Rockne Larvick (1931-2015).

A special thank you to the Fund's sponsors, Pro8mm and Home Movie Legacy, as well as its main screening partner and co-organizers, the State Historical Society of North Dakota and Shane Molander, who made these events possible.


Shane Molander, Deputy State Archivist for the State Historical Society of North Dakota, ALCF Board of Directors.

Rhonda Vigeant, Owner & VP of Marketing, Pro8mm, Home Movie Legacy, ALCF Board Chair.

Screening tour dates & locations:

September 2nd, 2015 at the North Dakota Heritage Center & State Museum, Bismarck

September 3rd, 2015 at the Barnes County Historical Society Museum, Valley City

September 4th, 2015 at the Bonanzaville Cass County Historical Society, Fargo