The Al Larvick Conservation Fund offers two small grants annually. 

Requests for proposals (RFP’s) will be announced every year for the Al Larvick North Dakota Grant and the Al Larvick National Grant. The first grant round will begin in the fall of 2015, and will be open to organizations, institutions and individuals. 

For exact application dates and deadline, please refer to the Application page.

The Al Larvick North Dakota Grant applications will be reviewed by a regional committee, made up of a small group of individuals who either live in, or are from, North Dakota communities. The North Dakota Grant Committee will offer their recommendations to the Fund's Board. One Board member with preservation and conservation expertise chairs the Committee. The Chair helps guide the process and acts as the liaison between the Committee and the Board. The Committee Chair presents the Committee's feedback to the Board. Any committee member is encouraged to join the Board meetings if they would like to personally campaign for a particular applicant. The Board makes the final decision based on technical aspects of the application and budget and most importantly, the committee recommendations.

The Al Larvick National Grant applications are reviewed and selected by the Board directly. The Committees serve the purpose of bringing local communities into the selection process for regional grants.  The Fund hopes to add an Oregon State grant in the near future.

The selection process for each grant can take up to several months. Applicants will be notified by both mail and email. The grantees will be announced through our website and social media platforms, and various press outlets.

Please see Guidelines for detailed Policies & Procedures, Eligibility Requirements and Funding Process.